I've never really been one to apply for residencies: something to do with having young children I suppose. But, now that my husband works from home, and I'm only one year off all three kids being at school, it seemed like a good idea to start.

Especially when I read the prizes associated with the inaugural Jean Cecily Drake-Brockman Poetry Prize. Two weeks reading and writing in Canberra would be pretty cool, but two weeks doing the same in Ireland would be amazing. Particularly as there's a good chunk of research for my current project I could do while there. Not to mention the cash.

A couple of days ago I learned that I'd been shortlisted, with my poem Family secret #8, which was originally published in issue 1 of Vine Leaves, and later, in the Vine Leaves Best of 2012 Anthology, in an interview I did with Lisa Wardle over at her blogbecause writing is my vice, in the Queensland Poetry Festival's 2012 Anthology, and here, below.

It was a bit tricky to continue reading bland articles for uni after finding out about making the shortlist, and I wondered how hard it would be if the wait was longer than a few days. The winner was announced today, and with this news, I'll have to remain stoked with my highly commended. Massive congratulations to joint winners Gerard Butera and Todd Turner (follow the links to read their winning poems). I wonder if one of them will be happy to look up a few records for me in Ireland?

Family secret #8

She’s on the lounge room floor, an eighteen
year old foetus, clutching her own through
layers of blouse and skin, her undies stained
with thick blood. Her cries are heard by
neighbours, though nobody comes.

Her mother is in the kitchen, pouring
gin into three glasses, the ice chinking
while she laughs with her friends.

After four nights in a clinical bed, she
returns home to her own, continues
to rest. When she comes to breakfast
her mother makes tea and toast and says
you don’t have to marry him now.
She stares into her tea, whispers
but I love him, I want to get married
and so she did
                        for a while.



24/03/2013 7:47pm

wow, great kick in the guts poetry! Going to Ireland would be the bees knees (my grandmother was from Country Cork in Ireland) - what are you studying at Uni (if I may ask - just ignore me if I may not ;) )

24/03/2013 7:56pm

Thanks Gabrielle. I guess I'll have to do it the traditional way and save all my pennies.
Studying Masters in Information Studies, aka librarianship (and the novelty of studying again has worn off, haha).

08/04/2013 11:35pm

Congratulations, Tiggy - that's fantastic news!
The traditional way is so slow, huh?

09/04/2013 1:48pm

Thanks Ashley.
Yes, the traditional way is so slow. And expensive! Haha

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