I've been thinking for months about blogging again, and because I haven't been able to shake it, here I am.  I won't be back at Words in Progress, but here instead, though I can't promise you how often I'll stop by.  Or what I'll crap on about (where is that cross-out font option?).

But as a first topic, I'm very excited to have a poem in the current issue of Quadrant: my first appearance there. I am very impressed with their fast turn-around: the poem was accepted mid-January and the March issue arrived in my mailbox on 1st March. With a cheque, and we all love to see one of those.


07/03/2013 11:49pm

Fantastic news, Tiggy! Congratulations :)

08/03/2013 11:26am

Thanks Ashley, and for stopping by. Cheers.

22/04/2013 9:15pm

I've yet to get off my bepanted posterior and submit to Quadrant, even if I was corresponding with our Les for a brief while a number of years ago. I'm glad you were accepted and gained some much needed monies. Anyone quoting Hercules Returns might need a squeezle, though.... :)

23/04/2013 4:48pm

Thanks for stopping by Phillip. You should definitely send something to Quadrant, never know if you don't give it a go. Fingers crossed for you.

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